The most prominant type of Chocobo, these noble bird things are largely featured in game. They are the normal Chocobo, in that their color is not specified as "Yellow". They can be ridden at certain points throughout the game at the cost on one Gysahl Green(s) per ride. They are tameable, and are found in The Archelytte Steppe ???AF as fightable enemies, usually alone. Their class is Comando, like the Reds . Stats are as follows:

HP: 10000

Chain resistance: 66

Stagger point: 200.0%

Common drop: Chocobo Plume

Rare drop: ???

Status immunities: Poison

Fire: normal

Ice: Weakness

Lightning: Normal

Wind: Halved

Mele: Halved

Magic: Halved

Notes: May fleee from battle, attaks quickly, and uses wind attacks.

As a pet, their racial attribute is Critical: Power Surge and are level one organic critters.