While not new to Final Fantasy, these Chocobos are new to FFXIII series. They cannot be ridden in the game as of yet, and it is not confirmed whether or not they can be later. They are commandos, like the Yellows , and are also found in The Archelyte Steppe ???AF. Their stats are as follows:

HP: 87352

Chain resistance: 90

Stagger point: 200.0%

Common drop: Chocobo Plume

Rare drop: ???

Status immunities: Poison, Pain, Fog

Fire: Resistant

Ice: Weakness

Lightning: Normal

Wind: Normal

Mele: Normal

Magic: Normal

Notes: May flee from battle, capable of restoring HP, does physical attacks.

As a pet, their racial attribute is Stagger Maintenance and are level one organic critters.