Aside from fitting pretty much every other description of chocobos, the ones in FFXIII-2 are different in a few main ways. They can be ridden at certain points of the game through the use of greens, although only the Yellow and Mutant ones have been conformed of this so far. Some Chocobos have small armor pieces on them or saddles. They are also tameable as pets, and you can tell their role from their color, aside fom the yellow and mutant ones. They can be found in Yaschas Massif 100AF, The Archelyte Steppe ???AF, and Bresha ruins 300AF for capture so far, and most other places for just riding around. The different types of known Chocobos are Yellow , or normal, Red , Blue , Purple , Green , silver , and Mutant. A Black and White variant are also suspected from screenshots of the Chocobo races.